To contact any of our school staff please call 250-632-2912 and Mrs. Larose, our school secretary will direct your call.

The school office is open to the public from 8:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
When phoning, please leave a message on the answering machine if nobody responds immediately to your call.

Staff Name Designation
Algarvio, Mia Resource, Part-time
Bannister, Kassidy Division 4- Grade 1/2
Barbosa, Jennifer Division 9 – Grade 4/5, Primary Teacher
Boguski, Cori Division 9 – & Gym
Bravo, Alex(andra) Division 10 – Grade 5/6
Combden, Vanessa Division 3 – Grade 1
Frater, Michele Teacher/Librarian
Gordon-Hall, Heather Division 2 – Grade K
Judas, Gregory Youth Worker
Larose, Pam Secretary
Lewis, Kris Counsellor
Livingstone, Matthew Division 6 – Grade 2/3
Marshall, Meghan Library/Assistant
Mills, David Principal
Nicholson, Allison Division 5 – Grade 2
Preyser, Courtney BAND – Grade 6
Sensory Room Levi G.
Silvestre, Angie First Nations Lang & Cullture  Teacher Grade K-3
Smith, Howard First Nations Support
Lebeter, Janine

Bancroft, Emily

S/L Pathologist,

S/L Assistant

Stannus, Lis Resource Teacher
Swaddling, Taylor Division 11 – Grade 6
Udsen, Jared Division 8 – Grade 4
Wilkinson, Tom Division 7 – Grade 3/4
Willbond, Kamaryn Division 1 – Grade K