The student drop-off and pick-up zone are to be done by the skateboard parking lot.

The Bus Loading Zone is for buses and bus students only.

  • do not drop-off or pick up your children in the Bus Loading Zone
  • do not use the Teachers' parking lot to drop off your child(ren) at school. This area is used for children with mobility issues and as an Emergency Area (ambulance/fire) for easy exit or entrance.


Safety is our top priority and must come first. for all our children.

Thank you for helping us all to keep our students, staff, and parents, safe.

Note: Section 189(1) of the motor vehicle act states:

  • Vehicles must not park within 6 meters of the approach side of a crosswalk.
  • Vehicles must not park on a crosswalk. The fine for this is $40.00



  •  the speed limit is 15km/h in the parking lot, slower is recommended
  • please refrain from parking in front of the skate park, this zone is drop off/pick up only, cars running
  • follow the pavement arrows as the lanes are one way
  • go over pedestrian safety with your child, ie. looking both ways, making eye contact with drivers before you cross the roadway, walking instead of dashing in and out of cars
  • if your child has difficulty crossing safely, please pick them up from their classroom or the sidewalk and guide them to the vehicle

As we work together our parking lot will be a lot safer! Thanks for your cooperation!

Find the Kitimat school bus routes on the School District website.


When students arrive at school on the bus they should go immediately to the playground at the back of the school. If the bus is late, students will not be marked as tardy, but they should proceed to the front office.
When students are waiting for the bus, at the end of the day, they must remain in the designated areas assigned for their safety. The bus dropoff and pick up is designated for buses and staff parking only. Students riding the bus must be registered with the school district. Parents can complete a registration form at the school. Students cannot just get on the bus. Students who need to go to another caregiver must first seek written permission from the office. Parents should call ahead to make these arrangements for the safety of all children.

Students that miss the bus to go home will remain at school until
parents are contacted.

PLEASE NOTE – drop off and pick up of your children should not exceed 20 minutes before school and 20 after school bell (i.e. – 8:30 a.m. in the morning and 3:12 p.m.) There is no adult supervision before and after these times.