2017/18 Nechako PAC Executive:

Chair: Erika Loucks
Vice Chair: Ruth Quinn
Secretary: Shannon Miller
Treasurer: Erika Loucks (Jenny Kreuzinger to assist)
Directors: 1. General – Elona Mikhailava, Stacey Thomschke
Specific: Fundraising – Sam de Beurs
Playground – Kim Taylor
Subway – Jenny Kreuzinger
Grade 6 year end activity – Dave Pearson

Website – Denise Pedro

Any member of the school community may attend a PAC meeting! Remember: Every parent or guardian of a student of our school is a member of the P.A.C. even if you can’t attend the monthly meetings

For more information, please contact us either through email: nechakopac@gmail.com or through our Facebook page – Nechako School PAC

Why should I join PAC or come out to a PAC meeting?

  • To find out more about what is happening in your child’s school and to have some input.
  • To meet and get to know other parents and the school staff.
  • To feel better connected to your child’s school as a whole, and not just to individual classes.
  • To help enhance your child’s educational experience.




  • Preside at all General and Executive meetings
  • Act as official spokesperson and representative of the PAC
  • Prepare Agendas
  • Supervise and advise other Officers and chair meetings


  • Assist the President in all possible ways, especially at meetings
  • Assist the President with files, thus becoming familiar with the duties and on-going responsibilities of the President
  • Take over the duties of the President in their absence


  • Keep the books of account for the general account
  • Present financial reports at the Executive and General meetings as required
  • Prepare detailed financial reports
  • Prepare annual budget


  • Take, type and post the minutes of the PAC meetings and have copies available at next meeting
  • Circulate sign-in sheet at PAC meetings
  • Answer general correspondence


  • Help plan various fundraising events throughout the year.

DPAC Representative

  • This position is not part of the Executive, but nonetheless is a very important role. Meetings with other DPAC Representatives once a month (in the evenings) to discuss district objectives, issues, etc. The DPAC Representative shares this information with our PAC at its’ monthly meetings.

Members at Large

  • Help out the President and other members of the executive as required
Upcoming Events
  • Jan.16: PAC meeting
  • Mar. 7-8: Early Dismissal Dates (1 hour earlier)
  • Mar. 12-23: Spring Break
  • Mar. 26: Back in School
  • Mar. 30: Good Friday
  • Apr. 2: Easter Monday