Section 189(1) of the motor vehicle act states:

  • Vehicles must not park within 6 meters of the approach side of a crosswalk.
  • Vehicles must not park on a crosswalk.The fine for this is $40.


– the speed limit is 15km/h in the parking lot , slower is recommended
– please refrain from parking in front of the skate park, this zone is drop off/pick up only, cars running
– follow the pavement arrows as the lanes are one way
– go over pedestrian safety with your child, ie. looking both ways, making eye contact with drivers before you cross the road way, walking instead of dashing in and out of cars
– if your child has difficulty crossing safely, please pick them up from their classroom or the side walk and guide them to the vehicle

As we work together our parking lot will be a lot safer! Thanks for your cooperation!