Bus Rules

Taken from School Board Policy 6100 – Transportation of Students


1.     The driver is in charge of the school bus at all times.

2.     Pupils shall obey the bus driver promptly and cheerfully.

3.     The bus driver may designate the seat which each student shall occupy.

4.     There shall be no loud talking or fooling around.

5.     Pupils must remain in their seats until their destination is reached and the bus is stopped.

6.     Pupils must not extend their arms or heads out the windows.

7.     Pupils must not throw paper or other rubbish on the floor or out of windows.

8.     NO smoking or soft drinks on the bus.

9.     When entering or leaving the bus, pupils must observe the directions of the driver or the crossing guard.

10.   The bus shall remain stationary until all students are comfortably seated.

11.   Pupils who disobey these rules may be required to make other arrangements for getting to school.


Policy 6100 Transportation of Students



(1)         A student who contravenes a school or bus code of conduct may be suspended from school bus service.

(2)         The student is subject to the school code of conduct in going to and returning from school. One of the prime responsibilities of the school principal is to administer and supervise the school, including the general conduct of the students. The school principal may also exercise paramount authority in matters concerning the discipline of students.

(3)         The principal shall delegate to the bus driver authority of supervising students on the buses and for initiating appropriate disciplinary measures.

(4)         If a student contravenes a school or bus code of conduct while on a bus, he/she may be suspended from school bus service:

(d)         for contravening a school or bus code of conduct while on a bus, a two (2) day suspension from riding on any school bus may be given by the driver;

(e)         for each suspension the driver must immediately initiate, in writing, a Notice of Suspension;

(f)         the Notice of Suspension must be given to the student, with copies of the principal and the transportation supervisor within twenty-four (24) hours of the suspension

(5)         When the possible imposition of a suspension of more than two (2) days is being considered, or when more than one (1) two-day suspension has been imposed in a school year, the principal shall take the following action:

(g)         consult the driver;

(h)         interview the student and parent(s);

(i)          issue the suspension, if warranted;

(j)          inform the driver;

(k)         issue the suspension to the student;

(l)          inform the parent(s) in writing; the principal shall also inform the parent(s) of the appeal procedure as outlined below.

(6)         Suspensions of two (2) day of duration shall have no recourse to appeal. Any appeal of a suspension of more than two (2) days should be made within five (5) days of suspension notice date to the Superintendent of School, who shall decide the merits of the case.

(7)         Students suspended from school bus service are still expected to attend school.

(8)         Students who have been notified of their suspension from riding on the bus are not to be refused entry to or expelled from a bus until the day following notice of suspension have been received by them. However, in extreme circumstances where student safety or damage to the bus is involved, the bus driver has ultimate authority to refuse any student access to the bus.

(9)         Note: Bus drivers will not remove any student at any point other than his/her home of disembarkation. The driver may, however, refuse to allow a student to board the bus at either his/her home or school.

(10)       In the event that a student is involved in willful damage to a bus, he/she may be prohibited from use of the bus at least until restitution is made.